Well, I have arrived. The plane arriving in Pakistan was about a half hour late but, hey, just a start for the cultural experience.

Once at the aeroport I waited in line for passport control then waited for a visa which took a few minutes but not as long as I was expecting.

I crept carefully through the luggage pickup area, getting around the masses of people (two large planes had arrived at about the same time so the airport was packed) and avoiding the “skycaps” who are VERY helpful (this learned from experience of last years trip). The large amount of aid workers coming in helped since there was not enough “skycaps” to go around.

The bags were easy to get though it was a little harder to get out of the luggage pickup area and to the customs lines. Once there I was in some very long line of people waiting for one of the two luggage x-ray machines to check if there were any customable items that were not being declared. Interestingly, I was chosen and pulled out of the line and pushed out the door. That saved me further wait and possibly having to explain what was in my bags.

Was met at the door by my uncle and off we went through Islamabad which had not changed much since last time.