Great Technology

These are the times when technology is great. As many of you know, a large portion of my work here in Pakistan providing internet and phone services to relief workers. In Balakot, I spend a large part of my time in tents. During the day I am in the internet café tent. Once we close in the evening I crawl into a sleeping bag in a little tent within a larger tent (keeps us warmer). Though the living conditions are a little primitive, I can still lay in bed and chat with my family and listen to streaming audio.

Well, our local radio station, WFRN, also streams audio so I often listen once the café closes at 9:45 pm in the evening (this is 11:45 am Eastern Standard Time). This is during the music request time at the station and so today my children requested a song for me. As the song was playing I emailed the station thanking them and asking for a song for my children.

What fun it was when my wife instant messaged me asking if I had heard the song they requested and if I would please send a message to WRFN letting them know I had heard and to tell them “thanks”. Well, I was way ahead of her on that one and as we discussed what I needed to do, my note to my children was read and my request played. Of course this was quite a surprise to my wife and very quickly I received a message from her: “Stinker“. What fun. Isn’t technology great.

And yes, there were tears on both sides of the world but I will be home in two weeks!