Preparing to go

Well, this week has been overly busy as I prepare to go to Pakistan. The girls are out shopping this morning and my 7 yr old son is deeply involved in “Calvin and Hobbes” so I get some quiet time.

In three days I will be getting on a plane and spending way to much time in a very little space. I love flying but eight hours is enough but 16 hours of flying with a 6 hour layover is crazy. But many think that I am crazy to do this trip anyway.

Ok, what am I doing? A few weeks back I was asked to go to Pakistan to help with the relief effort and with my technical skills I will be serving those that are providing food, shelter, medical services, etc.

It is my turn to go, so on Tuesday I will be heading to Pakistan. I will be leaving at around 21:30 that evening (after a 3 hour bus ride and the required 3+ hours at the airport) and arriving first thing in the morning on Thursday. I got out my fingers and toes and recruited one of my kid’s and counted over thirty hours difference. I just told you it was 16 hours of flying time and 6 hours of layover but there is also a 10 hour time difference.

As for packing, that is coming along though my suitcases are full and I still do not have my clothes in yet. But I am well under weight. And I still need to get a warm sleeping bag in as well.

What am I to expect? If you have watched the news, you may have seen the tent cities and I will be sleeping in one. The temperatures at night will be quite cold. A couple of weeks ago it was reported that it is freezing at night already though the middle of the day is warm.

The locations I would be in are in the mountains and hopefully there will be some time to hike a little. Also there is a permanent “air show” at one location as the helicopters fly in and out of one of the world’s busiest heli-pads. There are other interesting sites and sounds but I will try and share more as I get to experience them.