Late breaking news!

An earthquake just hit Pakistan again at about 1:00 pm local time Christmas Day (for US readers this would be 3:00 am ET, just about the time Santa and momma stopped kissin’ by the tree). Locals say it was probably just over 6.0.

Though this is the second one since I have been here, this one I was totally awake and alert for. Felt like a large train engine going by as you stand by the tracks but the only sound be rolling thunder.

We have a tent full of Cubans and one girl squealed and ran out. The other giggled a little at her and told her that a tent was quite safe since it can withstand some pretty strong shaking.

Also has one aftershock already at about 1:09. Every one is calling all around checking to see if family and friends are safe.

Well, wanted to be one of the first international news sources to release the news!

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