Closer to the Epicenter

Got to the UN camp Friday morning and took a brief tour, had lunch, and then headed to Balakot to see our second communication site.

This was a trip. We went up the narrow roads with many areas that had just enough room for one car. There were many locations where there were tent villages that lined the road. Muzaffarabad had much devastation but Balakot was much worse. To be honest with you, it was not so easy to comprehend the devastation the earthquake made because almost every thing was flat. It looked just like a large demolition site, you could not visualize that it was once a booming city. Here are a before and after picture to show what it looks like (click for larger view):
Balakot before Earthquake
Balakot after Earthquake

For further pictures of my trip and those of a Medical team (CRF) see my GALLERY.

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