Well, I am trying to catch up on so many things to keep you informed. I am sure you are all asking about camp. This is the place to find out.

As you know we are in a UN camp which is very nice. It is located in an old stadium that has been cleaned out. It is located on a hill and there is a main road that goes by the top where the entrance is. Just as you enter the top, there are guards that scan with those metal detecting wands and look through the bags. If a vehicle is coming in, they check under with mirrors.

At the bottom of the hill into the stadium the drive turns left to the main UN camp where there is another gate and some pretty tough looking guards.
Actually, they are actually quite nice and friendly, looking tough for pictures.

On the left and just inside the gate is our tent.
Pactec Tent
This is where I spend a lot of my time and I will share more in a later post on this.

As we look out the front door, there are rows of UN tents on left side of us. These rows go from the front to back of the compound. The first two rows are offices and then the next three are UN sleeping quarters (we sleep in our tent). Right in front of us across the drive is the security office tent and to the left of that is the “Canteen” or mess hall.

That is it at the back.

A little closer.

As you can see the “Canteen” is important. The UN provides hot meals that are very nice and mainly produced by a Swedish chef (I will not go into one of my more favorite TV shows here). They also have a Pakistani chef who cooks wonderful curries. So much for losing weight.

Another important location that is at the back, left of the “Canteen” and next to the last row of sleeping tents is the shower. It is an interesting garden hose, shower spray attachment arrangement. The water is also hot which is nice. These are in grey plastic tarp tents with plastic floors. The back half is raised and divided into two for the two showers. Hot air is also blown in and makes the shower facility very comfortable on cold days.

The final important location is the toilets. These are in the opposite corner of where we are located and quite a walk in the middle of the night.

The white boxes are the toilets and the fronts lift up a couple of feet with a little door on the lower part and a blind that can be pulled down over the upper half. The low green tarp is the urinal which are really a couple of 6″ pipes in the ground. Maybe I will dare open the tarp door and we can take a peek. As you can see a real restroom is being constructed behind. Hope that is done soon.

Well, it is bed time. Here is a scene of the moon coming up over the mountains and other the NGO camp that is across the drive and to the right from our front door.