Abrar-ul-Haq and Friends

Wow, guess who I got to meet up close and personal! Abrar-ul-Haq! Can you believe it! Are you telling me you do not know who he is? You’ve got to be kidding! He is “the most famous Pakistani singer in the world” (so I am told). Only yesterday did I find out who he was.

Though this blog is not intended to focus on him, he helped in getting the pictures so I will give a little background while my friends in Kitchener are laughing (long story there). Abrar-ul-Haq is a Pakistani bhangra singer. The bhangra music is from the Punjab area in the northwest part of the Indian subcontinent and refers to not only the lively dance but also the musical accompaniment to the dance. Abrar-ul-Haq is also the chairman and founder of the Sahara for Life Trust which had developed a tent village here in Balakot. That is most likely why he was visiting and spent some time with the children and military.

Click Here to listen to some of his music (Hint: Once on the music page, click on the song titles for music)

I was able to get several general pictures:
Children waiting for Abrar-ul-Haq
Children waiting for Abrar-ul-Haq along the cricket pitch. Note that the boys are one side and the girls on the other.

Girls with head coverings
Three girls that are getting pictures with Abrar-ul-Haq. They do not seem to excited about it and avoid looking at the cameras.

Boys in school uniforms
Boys with Abrar-ul-Haq. They also do not know how to smile 🙂 but are looking at cameras.

Teachers with full coverings
Teachers that are also getting pictures with Abrar-ul-Haq. They will not get too close to him (made it easy to crop).

Abrar-ul-Haq playing cricket
Abrar-ul-Haq playing cricket. Everyone plays cricket except for me.

Army group photo with Abrar-ul-Haq
Our military neighbors with Abrar-ul-Haq.

This is my favorite:
Boy singing to Abrar-ul-Haq
This young boy is singing a patriotic military song to Abrar-ul-Haq.

But to top it off I got some video of it. Click Here to download a short video of him singing (20 MB).

Quite the treat.